Who are we

As part of Responsible Tourism in South India, The Green Apple Experience promotes the concept of homestays. Enjoy your trip in India by residing in a beautiful house, exchanging with the hosting family and learning more about their authentic home, culture and the history of the village. A unique experience, sharing natural and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on sustainability and locals.

<< Our holidays, their homes >> Dr Harold Goodwin, international conference on responsible tourism.

Our philosophy, responsible tourism

Green Apple Experience is at the forefront of a new movement that believes in nature's conservation, preservation of culture and heritage and facilitating interaction between guests and locals. We know how much tourism can positively impact local development, that is why we are focusing on:

Our social impact

  • we create entrepreneurs, by partnering with Green Apple, homeowners become professional hospitality providers generating an income;
  • we provide cultural exchanges by offering immersion experiences in authentic renovated Indian houses.
  • we sponsor the undergraduate studies of one deserving student from each of the locations where our properties are situated.

Our economic impact

  • Our partnership generates incomes for the whole community;
  • Our properties buy local products, whenever possible.
  • We are keeping a minimal amount as commission : whatever we are receiving for the service, 90% is given to the owner.

Our environmental impact

  • our properties use organic food, whenever possible.
  • our properties commit to preserve the environment by using waste disposal, renewable energy sources, water recycling, low impact materials etc…