Travel Tips

Local customs

You will residing in someone else’home. You will be received as a guest but pay attention to respect their traditions and customs. Do not hesitate to ask about it, they will be glad to explain you everything about this beautiful heritage.

  • Consider your attire, dress modestly with covering clothing.
  • Seek permission before entering sacred places.
  • Sometimes you will be requested to take off your shoes to enter temples, shops…


You will find much variety in dishes and presentation across South India. A combination of spices give each region a distinctive flavour. Our properties offer wholesome, tasty home cooked meals mildly spiced especially for you. Western food is an option but local meals are highly recommended.

Some dishes you will find in Kerala and Tamil Nadu :

Thali Meal : this copious dish is composed of rice, lentils, vegetables curry, pickles, chutneys, raita

  • Byriani : spicy rice with vegetables or meat
  • Chettinadu food : mix of spices, with whatever you want
  • For snacks : samosa (stuffed bread) , or dosa (like a salty pancake)
  • Some delicious breads : chapati or porotha
  • Dairy products : paneer (cheese) or refreshing lassi (liquid yogurt)


Bottled water is widely available, but there is growing concern over the mountains of plastic bottles it generates. Green Apple Experiences uses the traditional method of boiling to purify the drinking water at every property. Don’t be surprise to receive hot water to drink! It is proof of being boiled. Sometimes your water will be slightly pink in colour: do not be concerned as it is a spices’ mixture, but flavourless and good for digestion.


Mosquitos are seldon during dry season, nevertheless they remain dangerous. Wear linen or cotton clothes that mosquitos can not bite through. At dawn, do not forget the insect repellent lotions, electrical appliances and at night the mosquito net. All these items can be bought locally.