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Here you will find the location of our homestays, their proximity to the airport and some of our many tourism places of South India.

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Bamboo Villa

Welcome to the warm Wayanad, where magnificent landscapes are in harmony with their population. Come and discover within the hills and mountains, the pristine nature as this district has picturesque picnic spots, lakes and reservoirs, energetic waterfalls, luxuriant forests, unique historical monuments and rich cultural traditions. Your hosts, Mr Baburaj and his wife, welcome you in their home, a true symbol of harmony between nature and humanity.

Shenbaga Vilaasam Homestay

Welcome to the world where tradition and modernity blend in a beautiful tapestry of colours. Where the wonderful smells of rural India mingle with rich flavours of royal heritage. Built in the early 1900s in the midst of hundreds of acres of farmland and natural beauty, Shenbaga Vilaasam is a rare and fulfilling experience for you.

The Arbor Gateways

Mr and Mrs George are pleased to invite you to their house full of memories. This beautiful property, based in 3 hectares of a wonderful and well-keep garden is a heaven of peace. Your hosts, retired, have plenty of time to exchange with their guests and share traditions, customs and indian culture.

Nelpura Homestay

Nelpura is the home of Chackochan and Salimma in Moncompu, a village in Kuttanad. This fabulous outskirt of Allapuzha town is a heaven of peace and tranquillity. Based in the backwater, a very-well known tourism place in Kerala, this homestay preserved its quietness and traditional aspect as it was hidden in a non-touristic area. A picturesque boat voyage will take you from the jetty to Nelpura where you will be welcomed by your hosts.

Parayil Homestay

Your gracious hosts at Parayil Homestead, George and Sumi Tharakan welcome you to a unique experience of moments spent in a mansion with the weight of history within its walls. Built more than a century ago, this is an elegant, traditional country home that retains the grandeur, history and lineage of an aristocratic family. Legend has it that the term 'tharakan,' which George uses as his surname to this day, is a title given to them by the ancient kings, as the Parayil family were the traditional financers to the kings.

Elamthottam Homestay

The gracious hosts of Elamthottam Bungalow, Kurian Pottenkulam and Tessy, will introduce you to authentic plantation life in the rubber heartland of Kanjirappally. Situated in Central Kerala, Kanjirappally, with its misty, undulating slopes is home to a close knit community of plantation owners.

Coconut Creek Farm

Coconut Creek Farm and Homestay is a budget homestay located in a small town named Kumarakom. As are the rare places in the world, this property is a haven of peace. Based in the deep backwaters area, just near the Kumarakom Lake, Mr Babu and his wife Regina, welcome you to a unique experience.

Calicut International Airport

Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport, is an International Airport serving the cities of Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala, India. The airport is located in Karipur about 25 km from Malappuram and 28 km from Kozhikode.

Cochin Airport

Cochin International Airport is an international airport serving the city of Kochi. It is located at Nedumbassery, about 30 km northeast of Ernakulam, in the state of Kerala, India. It is the busiest and largest airport in the state of Kerala.

Trivandrum Airport

Trivandrum International Airport is located in Thiruvananthapuram and is the first airport in the state of Kerala, India. It is the first international airport in a non-metro city in India.

Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport is the primary airport serving the southern Indian metropolis of Chennai. The airport is spread across the suburban areas of Meenambakkam, Pallavaram and Tirusulam with passenger entry at Tirusulam and cargo entry at Meenambakkam.

Coimbatore Airport

Coimbatore International Airportis the primary airport serving the Coimbatore metropolis in South India. It is located at Peelamedu, about 11 km from the heart of the city within the Coimbatore metropolitan area.

Turuchirapalli Airport

Tiruchirappalli International Airport or Trichy International Airport is an International airport mostly serving Tiruchirapalli and adjacent districts in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The airport, located on the NH 210 Tiruchirapalli – Rameswaram highway, is 5 km south of the city center.

Madurai Airport

Madurai Airport is a customs airport serving Madurai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The airport is located about 12 kmfrom the Madurai railway station.The airport was established in 1957.


Wayanad region lies across 2,126 sq km of the lofty Western Ghats and has been recognize as a bio-diverse region. Wayanad encompasses sub-tropical savannah, thickly wooded hills and evergreen forests. While verdant spice plantations cover the hills, the valley in the area consist of gently rolling paddy fields.In addition, near half of Kerala’s tribal populations if 400,000 live in Wayanad.


« The Queen of hill station » is located in the Western ghat sat a height of 2240m. Nature is generous, with tea/coffee plantations. Beautiful and peaceful landscape.


The regionis a melting pot of culture and cuisines, art and music, and isknown for truly eclectic spirit. A largely agrarian society in which people continue to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers, Palakkad’s reputation as the granary of the state is borne out bu its undulating paddy fieldswhich stretch for miles.


De Vasco de Gama landed in Kozhikode in 1498, this putting it on the world map. Today this great port of yestery ears is popular for its historical sites, unique culture, and warm and friendly ambience. Despite the urban sprawl, this charming coastal city is a wash in glorious history.


Thrissur is considered the cultural capital of Kerala. Home to several prominent art institutions, this is where the extravagant Pooram festival is held annually.

Kochi, the bustling port city

Boasting the largest port in the State, present-day Kochi also one of the premier industrial, tradicng and commercial centres of southernIndia, where a diverse pool of cultures and histories blend to enhance its eclectic spirit. Ernakulam, the upmarket part of town, is where the buzzis. Alive with shopping centers, movie house, offices, hotels, plush buildings, road side eateries and exotic restaurant, it is an amalgamation of the old and the new – surely the face modern Kerala.


With its sprawling estates, rolling hills, sparkling waterfalls, picture-postcard hamlets and undulating valleys, Munnar has the making of an idyllic holiday destination. Nature walk and photgraphy, golfing, trekking, boating and angling are some of the attractions of this hill station.


It criss-crossing canals and once busy waterway sinevitably evoke comparisons with Venise. Old settlers have left behind architectural treasures, along the quiet street and winding canals that lend this quaint town its distinctive allure. It attracts tourists thoughout the year for that singular experience of backwater cruising, especially in Kuttanad region, covered in emerald green paddy fields and separated by dikesfrom waters.

Kumily & Thekkady

Kumily and Thekkady lie at the foothills of the Western Ghats. Kumily, a plantation town, issituated on the outskirts of the Periyar Wild life Santuary and drops down steeply to the plains of Tamil Nadu. An important centre for the spicetrade, Kumily is also a bustling tourist destination. The region continues to beckon the adventurous traveller.


Eulogised by travellerssuch as Marco Pollo and Ibn Batuta, Kollamiswhere the famed network of waterwaysbegins. Fromhere, a 130 km long system of interlinkeddcanals and lakessnakes up all the way to the north. Kollamisalsoregarded as the hub of cashew processing and the centre of the fisheriesindustry in Kerala.


Varkala has a laid back, relaxed atmosphere and a rather compact beach. Most of the hotels and eateries are spred across the two cliffsnorth and south of the spacious covethatforms the famousPapanasam Beach.


The Capital of Kerala, this unpretentious city is clean, green and has a leisurely feel to it. The Padmanabha Swamy Temple that holds the deity of the royal family of Travancore is an important landmark.


Shallow waters, stretching hundreds of metres, are ideal for swimming. The vast expanse of shimmering sea, sandy coves, rocky outcroppings over the water, exuberant surf and brilliant sunshine impart an unrealquality to this popular tourism spot.


Chennai or Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. This verybig city graduallyabsorbed the surroundingtowns and villages.The english influence canstillbefeel, mx with the Tamil one. Do not hesitate to visit St George church and The Fort Museum.


This city has many beautiful colonial buildings, churches, temples, and statues which, combined with the systematic town planning and the well planned French style avenues, still preserve much of the colonial ambiance. It is a blend of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture, virgin beaches and the cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in a small but varied town.


Though it is no lngera port, Mamallapuram has retained its fame in stone, a contribution of Pallava artisans. Mamallapuram lies on the Coromandel Coast which faces the bay of Bengal. « Beauty and harmony. »


One time historic domain of the Great Chola Emperor Raja Chola, Tanjore swarm with temples and monumental domes of architectural wonder.


Trichy is very famous for his Rock Fort here you will be able to find Ucchi Pillayar Koil, a 7th-century Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesh.


« Athens of the East » is a place of great historical and cultural importance. Meenakshi temple is a very famous sightseeing place.