Green Apple's Benefits

Since the beginning of Green Apple Experience in 2007, many things have evolved for our properties:

According to Parayil Homestay, receiving guests has permitted them to preserve a historic house. The owners made a large investment to restore their home which would not have been possible without the additional income created by this tourism. Future improvements planned are solar panels, biogaz plant and creation of an organic vegetable garden.

According to Shenbaga Vilaasam, opening his doors has allowed him to conserve this big house and its history. The community living in the nearby village of Samathur has largely benefited from this tourism: Shenbaga buys local products from there and has also hired some villagers.

According to Nelpura, openinghis house to customers has allowed :

To give a decent job to four local people, and as a result make a living for their families, To help the local school since Mr Chacko contributes towards school supplies and also due to the tourists' visits. In addition, Mr Chacko makes the link between this school and the travellers that visit Nelpura. Some travellers also wanted to help the school financially, and both Mr Chacko and some students worked out how to facilitate the donations. To mainta in his house, Nelpura house and the property. The family has greatly invested to preserve the historic ancestral property. To keep incomes and activity in the village. Years ago the village was flourishing, however as time goes by this has slowed down. Nelpura home stay brings back life and new incomes to the community (for instance by buyinglocally). To improve the environment by installingsolar panels to heat water.